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Ambition is the first step to improving your metabolism, mindset, nutrition, & fitness.

You get to decide to change the way you feel, how you look, and the way in which your body moves. You're ready to start your journey and learn how to sustain your achievements. 

Whether you're comfortable with macros or movement or this whole nutrition and fitness thing is new to you, you know it's time that you take the next step to level up your game. 

You're tired of eating less and moving move. You are done searching for answers on your own. You're ready to have a partner.

I'm here to give you

 the knowledge and the tools

Imagine how you'll feel,
90, 120, or 360 days from now.





My private coaching is limited to those who are fully invested in getting the health and wellness transformation in which they desire. Private coaching includes private calls, private messaging, and weekly check ins. Click below to apply now.

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the metabolism mastermind

The metabolism Mastermind


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Where I will teach you how to set and adjust your own nutrition & fitness plans to help you reach your physique, performance, or health goals without tanking your metabolism.

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one time

Nutrition intensive

One time

Not quite sure if you're ready to invest in ongoing support?

A Nutrition Intensive session is a one-time private consultation call with me where I will review your pre-consultation questionnaire and provide my feedback and recommendations to you. Nutrition intensives also include an email follow-up from me. Click below to apply now.

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in person

in person

training sessions

Looking for personal training?

Personal training at Fitness on Main gets you direct accountability, motivation, & encouragement from me. You will receive a discounted membership to Fitness on Main along with goal specific, customized programming with individualized support along with general nutrition recommendations. Click below to apply now.

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