Virtual Wellness Technology

We use Healthie, a comprehensive virtual wellness and practice management software for all of our services.

healthie - virtual wellness suite

Access from any device

Login from any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

HIPAA compliant client portal

Log your food and activity as well as your goals and metrics. Store and update your progress photos. View and share documents and photos with your coach. Send messages and connect with others through our virtual support group and secure chat.

Virtual appointments

Connect with your coach virtually through the Healthie/Zoom integration.

Intake and scheduling

Complete your paperwork, intake forms, and assessments electronically. Schedule appointments and sync them with your calendar.

Plans and programs

View and track the progress of your personalized wellness plan and goals. See your coaches recommendations along with shared videos, documents, forms, and program materials.

Payments and billing

Purchase programs and packages. Store your billing information for future purchases.

Sync wearable trackers and apps

Automatically share updates to your account from your Apple Watch, FitBit, or GoogleFit device. Incorporate your nutrition data from LoseIt or EatLove PRO.

Goal, metric, and habit tracking

View your goals, input your metrics, and track your health habits.

EatLove PRO- Personalized Nutrition Technology

Access from any device

Login from any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Personalized nutrition parameters + menu planning

Learn food composition with dietician approved menus that are tailored to your goals, personal preferences, skill level, and available time.

Swap or add your own

If you would prefer a different menu selection you can easily swap for another meal, scan a food package barcode, select an option from the dining out database, or add in your own recipe. EatLove will show how you hot it fits within your nutrition parameters.

Detailed recipes and instructions

All menus include recipe details and preparation instructions.

Grocery shopping lists + integrated digital shopping assistant

All menus automatically populate grocery shopping lists designed to help you reduce waste. Share grocery lists with friends/family and where available, pick up your groceries using the digital shopping assistant integration.

Include all members of your household

If you're cooking for more than yourself, you can easily add other household members (adults and children) if desired.

Full nutritional details

All menu selections include a full nutritional breakdown that incorporates all menu ingredients to keep you on track with your nutrition goals.


TrueCoach - Personalized Training Technology

Access from any device

Login from any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Personalized training plan

A training plan customized to your goals, training history, movement competency assessment, preferences, and available equipment

Training guided by exercise science and human movement patterns

We don't just provide you with exercises to perform, we understand human movement and exercise science. We aim to share this knowledge with you by providing educational resources to help you learn these concepts

Demo videos and instructions

Each exercise programmed into your plan includes a demo video to help you develop your technique

Exchange videos and feedback

Upload videos at the request of your coach to evaluate movement competency, exercise technique, and form.

Track weight or resistance levels

Add comments to each exercise to reference the weight or resistance you selected to help you track your progress over time.

Our Services

Virtual, Hybrid, and In Person

Virtual Wellness Coaching – Virtual Personal Training + Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Hybrid Personal Training – In Person + Virtual Personal Training

Single Session In Person Training

One Time Macronutrient Calculation – $90