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We use the electronic health record “Healthie” to connect with our clients. The Healthie database allows us to schedule appointments, meet virtually, complete paperwork, accept payments, share resources and tools, provide programs and materials, communicate through Direct Message (the Chat feature), and connect clients via a virtual group. Healthie allows our clients to track habits, record nutrition and exercise information, track metrics, and review their wellness plan, including their goals. 

We recognize that access to equipment, including both at home and at the gym, can vary. During your wellness coaching assessment process we will review the equipment (or lack thereof) that you have access to and modify your custom training program to fit your needs. 

We recognize that each individual has their own unique preferences and goals. For this reason, we do not promote specific diets or ways of eating. Instead, we assess your specific needs and goals and tailor our recommendations to the information you provide. As necessary, we update our recommendations to help you on your wellness journey.

We do not require you to use our training plans or guides. Each coaching client is provided with the opportunity to customize a training program specific to their needs, however, if you prefer to follow a different program or approach to physical activity or exercise, that is also perfectly acceptable.

We currently do not accept insurance. However, we are hopeful that as the health and wellness coaching profession develops there may be opportunities to incorporate insurance and other alternative forms of payment.

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