***Disclaimer – this is my individual feedback on the application after using it for over 10 weeks. I am not affiliated with Carbon Diet Coach or any of its founders and this is not a sponsored review.***

You’ve probably used a food tracker in the past. MFP is one of the most popular, but there are several others in the market as well. Research shows that individuals who track what they consume are more successful at reaching their nutrition goals. However, Carbon, is different, it’s actually a Coaching app, with a built in food tracker. It’s not just a tracker. 

Diet coaching is highly individualized because it incorporates the nutrition and weight data YOU collect into recommended dietary changes. A coach typically evaluates your data (weight and food intake), then makes changes to your calories and macro targets at defined intervals (weekly, etc.). Some may find one on one coaching to be effective for the long haul, but it can also be expensive to hire a coach. Enter Carbon Diet Coach, an individualized solution, just like a diet coach, but it’s available on demand from your phone, at an affordable price.

As a science nerd, one of the best parts in my opinion is that the application is designed around the most recent fitness and nutrition research. If the literature doesn’t support the practice, you won’t find it in the app. Carbon also collects initial data about you to personalize your nutrition recommendations – lifestyle and estimated exercise intensity. 

The four areas of the application I believe stand out include: the Coach Settings, the Macro Planner, your Data Averages, and how Weekly Check-Ins go. 

However, there are TONS of other features I won’t cover (because who wants to read an entire User’s Manual) so I highly recommend checking out there YouTube channel and Instagram page for ALL the details. They are incredibly responsive to emails and DMs too – so don’t be shy to reach out to them. 

Coach Settings

Macro Planner

Data Averages

Weekly Check-Ins

Finally, I mentioned affordable above. When I say affordable, I mean it. When you compare the pricing to some of their competitors (:::cough MFP cough:::) and to a personal nutrition coach, you’re getting a steal of a deal with the app. 

Last but not least, If you have questions feel free to reach out, I would be glad to share any information I’ve learned. Overall, I highly recommend! Kudos Layne, Holly, and Keith, this sucker is superior to anything on the market.

If you found this review helpful, let me know on IG! My handle is @danielle_s_abel

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