It feels like your business is a mess and it overwhelms you trying to do everything

You struggle with content development & worry about what to post and share

You think your onboarding and client management processes could be more efficient

You struggle to confidently coach clients with mindset, metabolism, or hormone issues

How to categorize, organize, and prioritize your operations at each level of your business

How to design your content strategy & schedule, ways to be consistent, and ideas to help you expand and grow

How to develop your onboarding workflow, coaching process & framework, and ways to increase client retention and referrals

How to pivot your approach with clients who struggle with mindset, why metabolism & hormones may influence your client's health status so you can customize your recommendations and help them reach their goals

Build authority, share your knowledge, gain trust, & pitch your offers to your audience

Improve & expand your content to grow your network, build relationships, & be seen as an expert

Prioritize & organize your systems & strategies to better manage your business & coaching practice

Retain more clients and develop a resilient attitude towards your business & long term growth to be able to help even more clients

Business assessment and gap analysis

Business map with recommendations

Private video calls and messaging with me

Mentorship handbook with my Operations, Content, and Experience (OCE) Framework

Content and copy editing

Shadow coaching to help you coach and manage your health and wellness, nutrition, and fitness clients

Business and coaching resources, tools, & templates