About Soul Soar

What Is Integrative Wellness?

The word integrative means combining techniques or using an interdisciplinary approach. Wellness is a broad term used to describe several dimensions of a person’s health, including the physical, emotional, and social aspects. 

At Soul Soar, our guiding principles include nutrition, training, lifestyle, and mindset. We use a client-centered approach, employing interventions from various scientific disciplines to promote health and prevent illness. We assist you in developing healthy behaviors and skills to promote self-efficacy. 


Soul Soar's Guiding Principles

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A healthy diet promotes normal growth, development, and aging in addition in aiding in the maintenance of a healthy body weight. Dietary habits that incorporate nutritious foods also help reduces the risk of chronic disease leading to improved health and well-being across the lifespan. 

We share information resources, and tools with you related to food composition, macronutrient density, menu planning, nutrition labels, portion control, hydration, food science, and individual metabolism dynamics.

Our personalized nutrition recommendations help you create balanced, flexible, and satisfying dietary patterns by taking into consideration your personal preferences. 



Regular physical exercise can help prevent or manage health problems, prevent weight gain and maintain weight loss achievements. Physical activity stimulates the brain to evoke feelings of confidence and improve self-esteem.

Our customized and progressive training plans incorporate your past experience with exercise, recognize any personal limitations, and incorporate your distinctive physique goals.

We help you understand and incorporate multiple training variables to aid in your success, including: weight selection, mind muscle connection, time under tension, stretching, and recovery. 



Day-to-day choices typically influence and define habits over time. However, it is important to understand how habits form, since these processes often occur automatically. Habits don’t require you to employ a great deal of mental energy or motivation, so it can be difficult to discover them yourself. 

A key component of creating lifestyle modification is creating awareness around your decisions and subsequent behavior patterns. We’ll help you uncover your habits, including any cues or triggers that influence your actions or inactions. 

Together, we will identify possible solutions for better routines to assist in healthier habit formation, help you incorporate them, and evaluate their sustainability.



Attitudes and beliefs truly can impact success outcomes. Mindset also impacts coping mechanisms and the ability to navigate challenges. Both short and long-term goal achievement requires you to adopt a positive and more resilient mindset. 

Setting an intention can often be the first step to enhancing your mindset. We’ll help you find inspiration, learn, and apply techniques to alter self-limiting beliefs. This in turn will allow you to overcome setbacks more gracefully. Together we’ll learn from these opportunities and design flexible strategies for you to rely on when situations may be difficult. 

Soul Soar's Background

I had accepted a new nursing leadership position in March 2020. Just a few weeks later, the coronavirus pandemic took hold. The new position was approximately 100 miles from our home in Northern Minnesota, so I commuted back and forth each week. Since I was out of town much of the time, my husband Nick took care of the kids and our household.

We originally planned to move from the city where we had started our family to the location of my new position. However, the pandemic changed our plans. Nick could no longer work and take care of our family while I was away. It was too difficult with the added challenges of working from home and virtual school for our kids. As a result, I gave notice to my employer as I had to prioritize our family, and I let go of my career – at least for a little while.

I helped the kids finish virtual school and started Summer break with them. I was enjoying the extra time I had been allotted, but I still wanted to be a nurse. Over the summer I elected to start a blog to share some of my favorite healthy recipes. I also shared some of my favorite nutrition and exercise tips, as a way to help others with their health. I received a great deal of feedback from others, indicating that my content was educational and informative. I was still finishing my master’s program, but I had extra time on my hands since I wasn’t working. I elected to enroll in the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s nutrition and personal training certification programs.

As a registered nurse, I received a great deal of formal education on nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. Nonetheless, I felt as though I was missing some of the knowledge to apply these concepts outside the direct patient care environment, in the health and wellness industry. In the past I had been very involved in the development of telehealth programs, and I also recognized this as an opportunity. My husband Nick and I started brainstorming potential avenues for a health and wellness business, leveraging my nursing, informatics, telehealth, nutrition, and training expertise. Over the course of several months, Soul Soar Integrative Wellness was born.