Hey, I'm Dani.

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I help people just like you reach their goals by eating to fuel their bodies, exercising the right way, increasing their energy, & rebooting their lifestyle. I believe that being fit & strong is a way of life.
  • I’m a master’s prepared, licensed public health registered nurse who transitioned to the coaching industry specializing in nutrition as well as strength & conditioning.
  • I've coached everyone from stay at home moms looking to increase energy to keep up with their kids to amateur powerlifters & marathon runners looking to improve performance
  • I'm a wife, mom, & competitive (but legitimately an "ok") powerlifter myself who also believes in endurance & cardio for overall health


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ambition is
the first step

ambition is
the first step

"This is the best I've eaten in my entire life; I didn't realize how much better I could feel. Danielle helped me realize that what I thought were healthy choices, really were not. In fact, some of them weren't much better than eating my favorite candy bar. Now I get it and can make healthier choices!"

- Susan A.


My main goal was to transform my thought process on food, portion sizes, and to get back into a routine of working out. One of my favorite parts was definitely learning about food and nutrition, learning the macros and retraining the brain. What sets Soul Soar Integrative Wellness apart from other similar services is the time Danielle explains more about the food and nutrition, very important. It's all a mind changing thing.

- tammy R.




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